Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 2012 R2 Server

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Windows 2012 R2 does not come with Windows Defender installed, but there is a way to install Security Essentials, which has the same engine

It is not a replacement for a full blown antivirus, but will at least offer some protection agains viruses (better than nothing)

Because the support with Win 7 ended, the Security Essentials will not be available to download from the original official page, but still available on Microsoft’s website

Step#1 – Download Security Essentials

Step#2 Run in compatibility mode

mseinstall.exe properties
mseinstall.exe compatibility mode

Step#3 Run the installation but with disable OS check

Start the installation from a command prompt with the following option

mseinstall.exe /disableoslimit

mseinstall.exe /disableoslimit

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